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  • £13.20

    Paneer Lababdar

    Indian cottage cheese cooked in a tomato and onion-based gravy which includes lababdar masala.

  • £10.85

    Palak Paneer

    Indian cottage cheese cooked with green spinach and specially selected spices.

  • £10.85

    Paneer Tikka Masala

    Grilled Indian cottage cheese dunked in a spicy gravy.

  • £10.85

    Paneer Bhurji

    Grated cottage cheese stirred in an onion tomato gravy.

  • £10.85

    Malai Kofta

    Vegetable balls stirred in a rich and creamy gravy. (With cheese and cashew).

  • £12.40

    Kaju Curry

    Cashew nuts cooked in a tasty onion, tomato gravy.

  • £12.40

    Cheese Butter Masala

    Cubed cheese dunked in a flavorful onion, tomato gravy.

  • £11.60

    Navratan Korma

    Mixed vegetables cooked in a special gravy.

  • £10.85

    Bhindi Masala (VEGAN)

    Fresh okra cooked with Indian spices.

  • £10.85

    Baingan Bharta

    Mashed aubergine cooked with special ingredients

  • £11.60

    Vegetable Kolhapuri

    Mixed vegetables cooked in a special masala gravy.

  • £10.85

    Malai Methi Makai

    Fenugreek and green peas cooked in traditional Indian rich creamy gravy.

  • £9.30

    Sweetcorn Patra

    Sweetcorn and patra is a unique combination of popular Gujarati snack patra and kadhi. Savory steamed. Makai nu shaak is simple yet delicious.

  • £12.40

    Jalaram Special Undhiyu with gravy

    A traditional Gujarati curry prepared with many fresh vegetables and dhokla muthiya.

  • £12.40

    Sarsav da Saag

    Sarson Da Saag is a gravy dish made from mustard leaves, spinach and bathua.

  • £11.60

    Karela Masala

    Chopped Bitter Gourd made in delicious thick Indian gravy with coconut.

  • £9.75

    Ringan Bateta Nu Saak Rasawadu

    Aubergine and potato cooked in traditional Indian gravy.

  • £9.30

    Aloo Gobi

    Chopped potato and cabbage cooked with Indian spices.

  • £9.30

    Kala Chana with Gravy (VEGAN)

    Black chickpeas cooked with Indian spies.

  • £9.30

    Tometa Bateta Nu Rasawadu Saak

    Tomato and potato cooked in traditional Indian gravy.

  • £9.30

    Choley Chana (VEGAN)

    Chickpeas made with traditional south Indian style gravy.

  • £9.30

    Sev Tomato Curry (VEGAN)

    Sev tomatoes cooked in delicious Indian gravy

  • £10.85

    Gatta Nu Saak

    Gatta curry is made with gram flour dumplings boiled in water, sliced and added in spicy yoghurt curry delicacy of the Indian state of Rajasthan.

  • £11.60

    Jala Special Dal Bati

    Dal baati ia a popular Rajasthani delicacy. Dal is simply soup of mixed lentils, cooked with our special spices. Bati made with mix flour and semolina.

  • £9.30

    Pav Bhaji ( with cheese)

    A spicy mixed vegetable curry cooked with a special blend of spices and served with fluffy buttered pav.

  • £7.75

    Jala Special Sev Ushal

    Delicious chickpeas curry served with buns.

  • £7.75

    Daal Dhokali

    Dal Dhokli is a spicy, sweet, one-pot meal, prepared by simmering whole wheat flour bits in lentil-based motley perked with spices.

  • £8.20

    Jala Special Vagarelo Rotlo

    Our deliciously cooked Rotlo with our chef’s special gravy

  • £10.85

    Chilli Paneer

    Cubed Paneer pieced sauteed with vegetables in Indo-Chinese sauce.

  • £9.30

    Chana Masala (VEGAN)

    Chickpeas made with traditional Punjabi gravy.


  • £5.40

    Plain Rice

    Steamed rice.

  • £6.20

    Jeera Rice

    Plain rice tampered with jeera.

  • £6.20

    Vegetable Biryani

    A selection of vegetables and masala cooked with rice and served with refreshing raita.

  • £6.20

    Pulav Rice

    Basmati rice cooked with mixed veg and spices.

  • £7.70

    Jalaram Khichdi

    A mixer of Green split moongdaal and rice simmered and cooked with desi ghee.

  • £10.85

    Jalaram Special Rajwadi Khichdi

    A selection of basmati rice and lentils mixed with our special spices.



  • £2.80

    Plain Naan

    A leavened bread cooked in a hot tandoor.

  • £2.95

    Butter Naan

    Indian flatbread cooked in a hot tandoor and slathered in butter.

  • £3.55

    Garlic Naan

    Indian style flatbread cooked in a hot tandoor and garnished with chopped garlic.

  • £3.55

    Chili Garlic Naan

    Indian style flatbread cooked in a hot tandoor and garnished with chili and fresh chopped garlic.

  • £10.85

    The Base Family Naan

    Indian Style flatbread cooked in a hot tandoor and garnished with choice of butter/ garlic/ chilies or chili garlic.

  • £2.30

    Tandoori Roti (VEGAN)

    Indian style bread made of whole wheat cooked in a hot tandoor.

  • £3.85

    Lachha Paratha

    Multi-layered fluffy paratha cooked in a hot charcoal tandoor.

  • £4.65

    Cheese Naan

    A Leavened bread cooked in tandoor stuffed with cheese.

  • £1.99

    Chapati (with ghee)

    A traditional handmade Chapati from wheat flour.

  • £1.55

    Chapati (VEGAN)

    A traditional handmade Chapati from wheat flour.

  • £2.30

    Bajri Rotla (VEGAN)

    Gujarati traditional bread made with millet flour.

  • £1.55

    Puri (3pcs)

    A traditional handmade fried puri from wheat.

  • £2.30

    Bhatura (2pcs)

    Popular puffed Indian deep-fried bread, made with suji, dough, plain yogurt, baking soda, bhatura is best enjoyed with Chole.

  • £2.00

    Makai ki Roti (VEGAN)

    A Traditionally handmade flat roti made with corn flour.